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Feature Article with Institute of Measurement and Control (InstMC)

Updated: Jan 28

Following on from speaking at the cross institutional event this year, was humbled to have the opportunity to sit down with Institute of Measurement and Control (InstMC) 📐 & Precision Magazine 🗣️

Summarsing a challenging 13 years navigating a career in Automotive, Motorsports and F1 prior outreach & collective community work with Driven By Us and embarking on something new for others. 🏎️

To be considered someone who is ‘Blazing a Trail’ through my career within the industry is humbling and the work we’re doing to promote equality and diversity by creating an inclusive space and support network for the current and next generation, while increasing accessibility specifically in less affluent areas across the country. 💥

Always learn from those around you. 🔑

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