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Empower Top 100 Future Leader Role Models 2023

Humbled to feature on this extraordinary list of people filled with current & future leaders that embody the necessary skills and characteristics required to successfully lead a workforce or team.

Empower Future Leader Role Model Lists by INvolve - The Inclusion People x YouTube recognises and celebrates current and future leaders who are breaking down barriers and paving the way for others and to increasing representation, helping ethnically diverse people on the pathway to success.

By being a professional who has overcome challenges and contributed in my respective field of STEM into the engineering industry. By highlighting and emphasising the importance of curiosity, perseverance, and creativity.

Highlighting the potential for innovation, problem-solving, and making a positive impact on society through STEM-related pursuits.

Stories and achievements can help motivate and guide aspiring individuals, encouraging them to explore and excel in STEM disciplines.

Thank you to all who continue to inspire and be visible role models to the current next generation.

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