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Coventry University Interview - November 2021

10 years ago on this day I graduated from university, reflecting back I wouldn’t have imagined I would have had an opportunity to be working at an F1 Team. For me this still feels like the start of my journey where I can keep growing and importantly give back to communities who need it in STEM, something I’ve always believed in and done since graduating. To those who don’t always believe in themselves or haven’t had the confidence in their ability at times, the reality is working hard and being determined is just as important.

As with anything in life taking the opportunities presented to you even if it means going down a different path, having that long term vision and aspiration of where you want to be is key, some people get there straight away others it takes longer, nothing wrong with either.

After sourcing an industrial placement in 2009 and graduating in 2011 I continued in the automotive sector until late 2012 where an opportunity presented itself. I was able to transition into motorsport, fast forward to present day working in the F1 industry since 2017 with a long way still to go.

Sharing a glimpse of my journey so far, hopefully someone can be inspired that their life & career isn’t always restricted.

This is by no means a definition of success as it’s measured differently by people but shows what is possible. By having that reason why you do things in life, if it’s helping others through your own experiences and turning it into a positive.

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