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Black Talent Awards - October 2022

I was humbled to be nominated as a finalist within the STEM, Manufacturing & Construction category by Evenfields Careers and Community

Completely unexpected to have received the highly commended award for efforts in “STEM, Manufacturing, Construction” for volunteering & inspiring others having an impact on the industry- I don’t do anything for accolades, therefore grateful to receive this recognition.

It was a honour to share the room with excellence of the highest and allys championing for more equality. It was truly an amazing evening one I have never experienced before which will be remembered as groundbreaking.

Special thanks to Denise Myers for highlighting & creating this moment in time showcasing representation across all industries and the community.

Congratulations to all nominees, finalists, winners, sponsors and judges ( in particular toby lewis & Sharniya Ferdinand (She/Her) who conducted my finalist interview) and everyone who made the evening a celebration of talent from various sectors.

A highlight was being able to bring my mum and Ian Sampson who have been more that just role models and inspirations in life.

Sharing the table with rising star solictor Marissa L. Jacquet , advance social worker Martin Asamoah & talented singer NAMYWA MUSIC was a refreshing insight into other sectors.

(Thank you to the person who nominated me, would love to give a personal thanks and gratitude)

Networking with amazing people driving change for the present & future.

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