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Autosport 2024 - Getting into Motorsports Panel & STEM

Autosport International 2024! 🏎️

Humbled to have had the opportunity speak as a panellist at Autosport International on the Business Forum stage hosted by Bernie Collins alongside Stephanie Alexander, Jessica Runicles and Charlotte Sefton 🗣️

A passionate and insightful discussion highlighting pathways into motorsports, detailing personal journeys and what each organisation is doing to support those into Motorsports.

It was great to be back having previously supported the show in 2013 with the McLaren Auto 12C GT Sprint track exclusive car featuring in the live action arena my only experience of this phenomenal exhibition.

Top tips!


Learn skills at lower levels of motorsports to boost your CV, techanical & employability skills, several instantly think of Formula One but there is a whole range roles and series within motorsports that include events and meetings across the country- It’s the experience that counts!


Within the industry, especially organisations, club, groups that can open doors!


Have that long term vision of your dream, take a different path even if the route is different.

4️⃣ Belief

Keep believing and help the next generation along the way!

Thank you to PitBox91 for the opportunity creating exposure for Driven By Us, promoting a more diversity and inclusion environment within the industry reflecting todays society showcasing authentic talent in particular our members already within the industry and now extending the ladder down.

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